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Hi! My name is Megan. Welcome to my studio and my life. I am the proud Mommy to my only child, Hazen and the owner of Anarchy Art Studio where I create handmade books, and book related items. There will be a store up on the blog as soon as I figure out how to make it! I created this blog as an outlet for people like myself who are creative and want some direction, but are so busy with the every day that getting out a bunch of supplies seems daunting, much less getting them all cleaned up and taken care of before the family sits down to dinner. I completely understand! Believe me.

This is my boy. Admittedly, and old picture, but a good one. He was very excited to finally grow into his Harley Davidson jacket! Hazen is almost 10 now and just so much fun, but the day to day tasks of “must do” always get in the way of the “want to do” and I don’t get as much one on one time with him as I would like. So I made the decision to create this corner of creativity for a few different reasons. I wanted a space where I could inspire others to follow their artistic whimsy. I want to share my creativity, insights and life with people. By putting out content that you, the reader, can learn from and (more importantly) enjoy, I hope to inspire you to get creative in your own life and join me on this journey. One of the most important reasons that I created this blog is to encourage my son to delve into the arts a bit more. Being color blind and having really bad eye sight (20/400 with correction), art has considerably less draw for him, but he has shown interest in creating his own comic book. So graphic novel design, here we come! I hope to eventually get the opportunity to stay home with him, rather than work all day, help with homework, cook dinner, and do all the other chores, and then blog after he goes to bed. More time with our children is so important. But, I also want to encourage YOU to get more involved in the artful process and spend some time creating with your own youngsters. Or if you have no littles, there will still be plenty here that is more aimed at the creative adult as well. And remember, no one starts off an expert. There are still a lot of areas that I need to improve upon as well. And you are never to young or too old to learn how to “art.”

I grew up in a very creative and art driven family, in the middle of nowhere Maine. I’ve been creating my own “masterpieces” and writing my own stories since I was old enough to hold a crayon without the urge to eat it. (And honestly, what is the draw of eating crayons? It must be the colors… Anyway…) My creativity was encouraged until I got to an age where I thought I might want to make art my job. “You will never pay the bills with art.” That’s what they told me! After all those years of encouraging my creativity, it’s like the rug was pulled out from under me!

However, despite their words of discouragement, here I am writing this blog and doing what I love. Creating, and writing. What am I offering you? A safe place to learn, create, and share your projects. A fellow creative to bounce your ideas off of. I put out new articles every week. The first and last Thursday of every month, and all the Fridays in between. Each month has a theme, which you the reader, can help decide, and I hope that each month you will create with me. I set monthly theme challenges in hopes that we can share our creative juices through out the month to come up with amazing things. I try to make things that can be used later as well as look pretty. But that is the beauty of creativity, you are free to do and create whatever you want!

I will be offering learning sessions as well where we will learn the basic principles of art and design and build our way up from the fundamentals all the way to the top. I have ideas for bookbinding, polymer clay, watercolor, general drawing and many more! I will be creating tutorials for you to download and work from later for some projects, and eventually I may incorporate a YouTube channel! And, of course, if you aren’t the creative type, but you enjoy other’s work, or you like what I do, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to do commissions on request for any projects that are displayed on the site or in my store.  I LOVE custom orders!

So I hope that you will join me and learn with my son and I, as we explore the creative world through blog posts, tutorials, and monthly themes and challenges. I look forward to building this safe environment for creative (and not-so-creative) people of all levels to come and hang out and learn. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two too!

Thank you for coming. I hope you stick around. Tell me, what are you interested in learning about? Is there a certain material or technique you would like to know more about, or are you looking to start with those bare essentials? Please subscribe to my blog and send me an e-mail or leave a comment and let me know! I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your own artistic journey.



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