You win some…

…and well… you lose some. Today, I lost. I had an amazing project all done up and photographed for you all and then… DISASTER STRUCK! I will be re-doing the project very soon, so I don’t want to share everything. I did want to share, though, that even those of us who have been “doing” for a long time sometimes fall short and our projects do not always come out the way we planned. So in the mean time, I’ll show you what became of this week’s Story Time project and resolve to get the complete project and post out at some point in the very near future.


Bonus points if you can guess what this was SUPPOSED to be… ugh… 😦


Oh the HORROR!!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I was when this didn’t survive my oven. I just moved into a new apartment and this was the first polymer project that I’ve created in the new place. Apparently there is a bit of an adjustment that needs to be made here. 😉 But, you live and you learn, right? Now I know for sure what NOT to do! Lol. See you all soon with the finished project. 🙂

Sorry for the delay,



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